One Day
You will love me
As i once loved you,
One day
you will cry over me
like i cried over you
One day
you will want me
but i won't want you
I Cant take it
What am i waiting for
My hearts still breaking
i miss u even more
And i cant fake it
The way i did before
I hate you
But i love you
I cant stop thinkin of you
Its true
Im stuck on you
where ever you go
whatever you do
i will be right here waiting 4 u
whatever it takes
or how my heart breakz
i will be right here waiting 4 u!

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Sunday, August 08, 2004
-> moving..

Hey shifting hse lidat..but jux shifting blog..alot of work aso..cux nd to decorate e new one...blogspot can make more things than i think u guys shld move new add is u can visit me there now..BuByEx..

Posted at Sunday, August 08, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
-> CouGh CouGh**

HeyX..todae realli super sick..nv go sch..den went to e polyclinic...e blahdy shit doc went fer lunch..den ask me to come back at went to my cousins hse lorx..den we were exploring frenster..den i showed her vignash e pic..den she scolded me...fer having stead wif him b4..she realli couldnt believe it...tot i was lying..but it is unfortunatly e truth..urgh..-cries-...spoil my image..for a moment i myself couldnt believe it...haix..wad to do..i was finally opened my eyes..lolx..tokkin like sum philosophical still in my cousinx hse..later my aunty come back den i go home..e bladhy doctor gave me e same medcine...nvm..gtg now..go home den i continue if i can..BubYeX..

Posted at Wednesday, August 04, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
-> ~LalALa

lolx...heyx..updating agn...jux reach tonnes of hw..later den i do..hehex..aniwae..todae had e ndp rehersal..e UG march so well manx..lolx...den we had to play millions of times...den long john was there for awhile...super gawd..hahax...n hes super nice lar love..although oleadi gt stead...din expect to have new one so fast...hahax...but things happen manx..lolx..den gt tt guy aso super cute..making those super funni sound effects..lolx..i wan his number lehx..lolx..unfaithful..hahax...nvm lar...see can get anot...if can den i wan..n i jux found out sumthin...abt tt blahdy shit vignash..urgh..nt pissed n angry..told my cousin..but she sae itx my fault fer being too soft hearted..n she sae tt i aso cnt blame him since i aso gt 2 time him tt time..lolx..almost 4got abt fair lorx...but still hate him to my death...sae sumore sum other very busy..learning new piece..

Posted at Tuesday, August 03, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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Sunday, August 01, 2004
-> LOL CAN?!?!

Hey..Jux came to sae sumthin...i was laughin n rolling on e floor jux now..was tokkin to vino on e fone n happily exploring frenster..den i suddenly saw a new pic in sum1's profile...lolx...vignash..HAHAX..was rolling to my death..thinkin tt he is very handsome...i ask vino to faster go see...den he look for his profile...n den puked..hahax..lolx..n critisising him until very bad..lolx..sae look like n all wonder they call him ah kao..lolx...nt funni manx..den vino now learning how to be sacarstic...since itx nt fun manx..hahax..but he sae cute..lolx..den tmw morning thinkin of meeting him n doin sum crap larx...nt lame 1st he din believe tt i last time stead wif vignash..he said it was e joke of e year tt i stead wid him b4...den when i keep quiet den he was gawd..u serious..urgh..i was like...dun tok abt it..cant believe it..hate myself..-cries-..aniwae...jux wanted to sae tt vignash is super disgusting n suxx larx ok..n vino is super nice n friendly n cute n all that..lolx..BubYEx..

Posted at Sunday, August 01, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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-> -SmiLeX-

HeyX..nowadays i update so often..hahax...lotsa time..lolx..yesterdae went to lot1 wid nehdia...supposed to go fer 1 concert..but in e end no ticket...den we jux go out on our own lorx...den we tokkin n crapping and all that...den called s.a at lot1..hahax...ask alot of crap..ask him who he like and all that..lolx..super lamex..den after tt went home..den onlined..den after tt asked vino call my hp..since i gt no free incoming call manx..tokked for super 2hrs...until 1am in e morning...den he had to go cux gt soccer match..e last time i tok on e fone so long was during e holidaex..tokkin to my long n playing gb..hahax..wanted him to teach us physics...but his physics nt tt gd..aniwae e blahdy redox..i dun understand a shit..urgh..den we were happily gossiping away..abt e super chio chandini..ashton n vignash...wah...funniest in e world..lolx..sae wtvr put em in one rm n off e lights den cnt see...nd to ask em to smile den can find each other...aiyoooox...super lame..hahax..he hate both of em...ME TOO!!!..lolx..n tamil makkalx...yucK...pukes..soooo disgusting lorx..i HaTe TamIl SongX..So YuCk LoRx..Duno Y thEy wiLl like aso...EeEE...hahax...we were happily critisising all e indian shitx..n abt how irritating e sec ones are..they are seriously super irritating lorx..den yesterdae aso took alot of neox..den gt one we write there vignash suxx...hahax...hating ppl rawkx manx..oh ya..den we aso saw yoga in e mrt..he smiled at me..den i acted like i dun noe him..lolx..he wid one gal..i think itx e gf..tix is sooo damn blahdy sad for kalamari...lolx...bonex..later den nd go test my voice..lolx..bUbYeX..

Posted at Sunday, August 01, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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Saturday, July 31, 2004
->s.A obsession

HeyX...yesterdae i didnt go sch cux morning realli cnt tahan my much phlegm stuck in my chest lorx...but sfter tt met nehdia n my daughter...went to polyclinic den to wm..den after tt went fer band...kinda late but din kena scolded cux gt excuse...n den when online...den s.a came online after a million n nehdia tok to him...he replied me...but nv reply her..hahax..wasnt making her jealous tokkin to him online now...muahahax...nehdia is away..he SOOOO cute lorx..den jux now in sch called him to sae hi..agn..hahax..n he waved back so damn blahdy cutely..n now he is replying me soooo cutely...n i told him tt i love him..HeeX...nehdia is not gona kill me manx..den now waiting 4 vino to come online...duno where e hell he go..den can ask him to call me..hahax..n i hate sum disgusting ppl who think tt they r very handsome..YUCK!!!..ill update sum other nt dying by tokkin to e super cute s.a manx..ahhx..BubYeX!

Posted at Saturday, July 31, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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Friday, July 30, 2004
->kNn BaStArD

Sum Ppl r jux so....UrGh!!!...duno wad to sae aso...ArGh!!!..Jux wana sae out larX..VIGNASH!!!..I HATE U LAR OK?!?!?!...UrGh...Nt pIsSinG Off manx..kNn..lying bastard...if u are reading this den ttx ur problem larx ok...jux hate u to my death...shld have listened to my cousin...shldnt have patched wid u...was seriously very stupid to take u back...uRgh..realli hate myself for liking u b4..worst bf in e world lar ok...seriously...nv imagined tt there can be a guy as assholic as u...hate insincere ppl who MAKE USE of ppl...shld have known tt u never loved me...dare to tell me tt u like another gal..kNn..hope e gal isnt as blind as me..better return me all my thingx...dun wana have anithing to do wid u...n if u think tt u are very handsome..den let me tell u tt u are NT handsome lar ok...u r jux super pervert humji n liar...cnt imagine ani guy worst than u...cb..luckily i didnt love tt much tix time...its like so easy fer me to get over least gt sum super cute n nice guyx like cute...said bye to him tt dae...n he waved back SOOOOOO cute-ly..omg..hahax...n thinking of calling him later..he is damn faint-able..hahax..4eva screaming over him...den long john silver is aso super dae aso said bye to him...den he said bye aso..sooo cute n handsome..hahax...even neh-dia said tt he is dae when to lot1 wif my cousin...den saw her fwen wif her brother...den she intro me to them n all tt larx..den after tt my cousins fwenx bro told them tt i m very sweet looking..lolx..THANKEW!!!...lolx...den sae i laugh very cute..THANKEW..i wasnt bhb-ing arnd manx..hahax..den he sae he wan my number...duno shld give anot...he nt sae very handsome or anithing..lolx..den tt dae morning when walking to e mt station i saw irfan..cux need to pass by his blk..den he came out of e lift...riding on his bike..SOOOO cute lorx...realli like knight in shining armour...hahax...he smiled at me..budden cldnt tok cux my shit mother was there...he dun dare to tok to me infront of my mum...hate her larx...lolx...better stop here...since this is such a short entry..still gt alot to sae...but nvm...update agn another time..BuByE!!!

Posted at Friday, July 30, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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Sunday, July 18, 2004

I finally gt back my internet..sooo idiot is damn lucky tt i wasnt at home when he came...if nt i confirm kill was jux todae tt i felt tt i could happily live without him...n he ask me to patch...i dunno wad to do larx...everytime aso pull..den when realli break tt time hurt more...i like want to patch..but aso dun wana i tell jac..she wont kill me manx..she everytime aso scold me...n i obviously dun like it larx..itx nt as if i interfere with her love life...urgh..anithing one blahdy shit gal like him...den i msg her larx...ask her to stop wasting her time liking him..den she dare to wtvr me...fuk lar..i was soooo damn blahdy polite to her lorx...kNn...feel like slapping her face...den let me see her on monday...or she will die ar...if scold me...den better for n jac both can slap her..super long nv slap ppl liaox..hand very itchy...her face is sooo damn blahdy ugly lar ok...nt as if i am very thin..but she is seriously very fat...n she thiknk she very damn blahdy arrogant lorx...Cb..ive nv been so polite to ani1 b4 in my life lorx...n she still can wtvr me...nowadayx e sec 1s realli suck blahdy sabrina aso..she gona get 4 me one dae...i can make her super paiseh if i wan...cux she realli play like shit..i can say her as loud as i wan infront of every1...since im incharge of teaching im her senior...oh ya...n mr goh told ms ngiam tt im a strong player..hahax...den she ask me come for band..n ask me to think abt wad will happen to my section if i nv come...den i i dun wana play for SYF..den jac n nadia ven n ct aso wun play...den gd luck to them..i cant stand there n clap when they come back wif a COP...MuaHaHahA!!!...bad horx..lolx...n fadly n zafira r realli damn disgusting...u make me on earth did SA tahan her...SA is super cute..hahax...n macho n all tt...i wan!!!...hahax..lolx...n e bass drum damn man...hehex..haix...very hungry..i wan go eat liaox...but wait get fatter...-cries-...

Posted at Sunday, July 18, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
->AfTer a million years..

Heyx...i in jacx hse..still no internet..e blahdy idiot is commin on thursdae...he is so gona die when i see him...hahax...alot of things to dae went to my cuzinx hse on thursdae...den we tok alot..den i told her abt him...den she sae tt im like being made use of...den i think aso kinda made told myself that i had to break wif him...i realli hate being made use of..n u have no idea how hard it is to ask sum1 to break when u still love them...den tt night he msged me...den kept telling myself tt h dun love me..den finally told him ti break..he seemed shocked..but i duno real anot..haix..den he ask me nt to break...but forced myself nt to give in..he keep saying tt he love me..but i duno if u reading this...jux ask urself whether u realli love me or not..if u reeli love me..den let me noe...if u dont...den dun hurt me animore...after tt was listening to fen shou kuai le..den i cried..hahax...seriously paiseh to sae all this but dun wan hide..aiyox..i jux miss him can???..but he doest have to care larx..cux im jux scared of being made use of.....den sch aso dun wan look at him...wait regretx...but to tell ya e truth...i kinda miss him now...cant tell ppl tt i miss him cux they all very happie that i how now...duno wad to do...jux forcing myself to stop thinking of him...y shld i ever love sum1 who doesnt love me...haix...aniwae...nowadaes kinda obsessed mif cute..haha...but wow..he GIVES a damn abt me..hahax..since im so "chio" n all that..hahax..den nadia obsessed wif SA..haha..he is ok lar..nt sa very handsome...duno y she like so much..aniwae..i now supposed to be doin e debate thingy...abt veggie n meat eating...crap i better go do now...hahax...

~MiSsinG U WheN Im Nt SuPpOseD To~

Posted at Tuesday, July 13, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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Monday, July 12, 2004
-> Crap

Very long nv update cux no internet..shld be gettin back todae...later den update..when i go hom...super pissed by sum1...urgh..he sucks lar ok..fed up!!!

Posted at Monday, July 12, 2004 by Jap_lurver
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